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Brief Introduction:

By the grace of Almighty Allah, we have initiated a small Travel and Tours Agency from May 2006 under the name of TOOBA (طوبی) Travels and Tours (PVT) Limited in the district of Jhang near village Ghar Maha Raja Moor, Tehsil Ahmedpur Siaal, the sacred area of a great saint Sultan Arifeen, popularly known as Hazart Sultan Bahoo. The purpose is to serve the pilgrims from the nearby areas and help the tourists to visit different historical areas in the world. Providing them the best possible facilities and comfort is our prime motive. Hundreds of our brothers and sisters have attained the privilege to visit holy places In Saudi Arabia so for.

Founder & Director: A vital role Is that of Mr. Abul Fazal Mohammad Al-Rabbani (ابو لفضل محمد الربانی) who obtained his Primary education from a village and later in 1984 proceeded to Saudi Arabia for higher Islamic education from the Islamic University, Madlnah Munawwrah. In 1992 he got the degree in Islamic law and soon started his practical career. He served the Directorate General of Hajj (Consulate General of Pakistan), Madinah-al-Munawwarah office and served of as the interpreter for the Visiting high level dignitaries including the head of states (Presidents and Prime Ministers} Islamic Republic of Pakistan during visit in Madinah-al-Munawwarah. He has a vast experience to serve the Pilgrims and solve their problems. Thus his warm welcome is his passion for all the pilgrims and services have always been appreciated from every quarter.

Another important personality is Mr. Riaz Ahmad (ریاض محمد). He started his early education from Islamic creed and faith. Later he was conferred the degree in MBA from COMSATS University, Islamabad. Now he has dedicated his all out services to serve the Pilgrims fro their betterment and get the blessing of those attached with the TOOBA Travels. he has been continuously serving the TOOBA Travels since May 2006. Mrs. Sadia Abul Fazal (مسز سعدیہ ابو لفضل) dedicated herself for pilgrims (women wing) and has been serving the ladies with open arms since May 2006. 

We frame ourselves in modern way and have connected digitally to the all concerned department of travel industry. We possess a dedicated and experienced team of travel professionals. We believe strongly in our religious and social norm and practice it throughout our business. Thus we own these qualities as company’s manifesto.

We hope you will give us a chance to serve you better. Almighty Allah gives us courage to own our commitments (Aamin).




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